Corporate Governance involves the processes and procedures used to manage the business affairs of a company and includes the structure and balance of power between the management and board. This section provides bios of board and committee members, as well as charters and codes of conduct developed for the various committees.


Independence Contract Drilling is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct. If you have a concern about Independence Contract Drilling’s books, records, internal accounting and financial controls, audit matters or other areas, please communicate your concern through our Ethics Hotline at 855 748-5766 or through the Ethics Website at Information may be provided anonymously and all reports will be kept confidential and only disclosed to those who need to know. In accordance with applicable law, persons who in good faith report evidence of known or suspected fraud, theft, accounting or auditing improprieties, or other financial misconduct will not be retaliated against because of such reports.

Corporate Governance Guidelines
Stock Ownership Guidelines